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Shelf life of Drudge's 'racism' vid looks short


Just several hours later, the much-hyped video of President Obama's "other race speech" is already making its way out of the spotlight on the Drudge Report.

Yesterday Matt Drudge, the Report's editor, teased the release of an unearthed video he called "curious" and said would "ignite accusations of racism." The video aired on Fox News' Hannity (with seemingly every political news reporter tweeting about it) and was passed around the Web at lightening speed. We have it as well.

But for such a supposedly explosive video, less than half a business day after its re-publication it's already been removed from the banner and top links of the Drudge Report.

UPDATE: I'm told the video was removed from the top banner approximately two hours after it aired on Fox News.

The banner story is about tonight's presidential debate. The top links send readers to a poll, a story about TV ad spending and CNN's interviews with Michelle Obama and Ann Romney. These spots are where Drudge places news deemed most important by the site.

Links to the video are, however, still in prime location near the top of the page below the banner. Below is a screenshot of the top of the Report this morning.

Following the tape's airing, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) was on Fox News and said of the tape, "What's the so-what of this video? I don't think it's going anywhere."

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