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Howard Dean: 'It was a tie


On CBS's This Morning today, Howard Dean called the presidential debate "a tie" and said Mitt Romney even "did himself some damage" in the debate.

"I thought it was a tie," Dean said. "I thought [President Obama] had to look presidential and he did do that. Would I have liked it to be more aggressive? Yes. Do I think the team didn’t prepare him for the aggressive Romney that I saw a few weeks ago in the Sunday shows? No. I think they didn’t prepare him. But the President has to look presidential. I don’t think President Obama is going to call Mitt Romney a liar on the next debate, that’s not presidential."

Dean said Romney "did himself some damage" because he "totally untethered" himself "from everything he said before..."

On the matter of the Obama team not having prepared for "the aggressive Romney," yesterday on Air Force One, Obama adviser David Plouffe said, "We expected an aggressive Mitt Romney.  That’s who he is."


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