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Twitchy Says It's Been Temporarily Blocked From Facebook, Threatened With Permanent Ban


Editor's note: Twitchy said it has been unblocked from Facebook. See update below.

Conservative website Twitchy said Saturday that it had been temporarily blocked from posting on Facebook and threatened with a permanent ban after two of its posts were removed for violating the site's community standards.

Twitchy said the first post to be removed dealt with a story about President Barack Obama's official Twitter account subscribing to an explicit feed devoted to breasts. The post featured a censored photo from the Twitter account @ILikeTitsDaily:

Twitchy said it received a message from Facebook Saturday morning saying a second post had been removed, though without specifying which one. With the notice came a 24 hour ban from posting:

The message said we are being blocked from posting to our account for 24 hours and may be permanently banned from Facebook if we violate Facebook’s standards again. The message did not identify which post violated Facebook’s standards.

When we try to post to our Facebook page, we get the following message:

You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature. Learn More.To keep from getting blocked again, please make sure you’ve read and understand Facebook’s Community Standards.

The block will be active for 23 hours more.

The site subsequently took to Twitter to ask Facebook about the ban:

A representative for Facebook did not immediately return a request for comment from TheBlaze Saturday afternoon.

UPDATE: Twitchy said via Twitter Saturday afternoon it had been unblocked from Facebook and that the posts were "accidentally removed during Facebook's review process."

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