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Watch an Angry Stag Chase a London Man Up a Tree


"I need some help here!"

Image source: YouTube

A man in London learned the hard way never to get between two wild animals after an angry stag chased him around and around a tree until he was forced to climb to safety.

According to the Telegraph, the man was walking in a west London park when he got too close to the animal during mating season. In an encounter that was all caught on camera, the stag stalked him around the tree as the man attempted to out-outmaneuver it, prompting him to yell at one point, "I need some help here!"

The man finally climbed a wooden fence and hoisted himself into the branches to escape.

A woman who was in the park at the time heard the man's cries for help and called the police once the man was safely up the tree, ITN reported.

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