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Megyn Kelly Fights Giggles Over Democrats' Sesame Street Woes


"There has been zero talk of Libya, or plans to fix the economy, according to the Count."

With Joe Soptic already firmly ensconced as the ultimate symbol of dishonest negative ads this election cycle (flashback: he's the guy featured in the anti-Obama ads claiming Romney contributed to his wife's death), the Obama campaign is evidently trying to make Big Bird their newest victim of Mitt Romney. And Fox News's Megyn Kelly had trouble Tuesday keeping a straight face over it.

While the 2012 election is being fought out in swing states, the Obama campaign apparently is campaigning someplace that doesn't even exist -- namely, Sesame Street. The campaign's recent "Big Bird" ad has drawn widespread mockery, as well as a demand that it be rescinded by the people who make Sesame Street. Kelly took to the air today to break the news.

The normally unflappable Kelly visibly had trouble maintaining her composure as she began. "In just the last hour, the folks at Sesame Street reached out to the Obama campaign and asked them to stop using Big Bird..."

Kelly paused and looked to be stifling laughter as she continued.

"...in their campaign ads. Ever since Governor Romney said he would cut funding for PBS at the debate, the children's characters have become stars on the campaign trail."

Kelly then played the Big Bird ad, her amusement still highly visible when it concluded.

"Republicans taking note: A new page at the RNC website has the Count, you know Count Dracula, tracking the Obama campaign and pointing out that the President has mentioned Big Bird 8 times and Elmo 5 times at recent events," Kelly said, audibly chuckling after the mention of Elmo. "There has been zero talk of Libya, or plans to fix the economy, according to the Count. Now, apparently the folks at Sesame Street have had about enough of this."

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