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Poll dancing -- 10.10.12


President leads Florida [Univ. of N. Florida, 10/10]: "Obama leads Mitt Romney 49 to 45 in Florida..."

Romney up with married moms in swing states Ohio, Virginia [Bloomberg, 10/9]: "Married moms [support] Romney over Obama 50 percent to 44 percent in Ohio and 50 percent to 45 percent in Virginia."

V.P. Joe Biden less liked than Paul Ryan ahead of debate [Pew, 10/10]: "39% of voters view Biden favorably, while 51% offer an unfavorable impression of the vice president. Just more than four-in-ten (44%) view Ryan favorably, while about as many (40%) have an unfavorable view."

Ann Romney's favorability gets a boost [ABC-WaPo, 10/10]: Between April and October, Ann's popularity has shot up by 12 points. She now has a 56 percent favorability rating among registered voters. Michelle Obama's is higher at 69 percent.

Americans trust Obama over Mitt Romney with their dog [Yahoo!-Esquire, 10/10]: Fifty-two percent of Americans would choose Obama over Romney to watch their dog should they leave town. Just 27 percent say they would choose Romney. (This, even though Obama was mocked earlier this year for once having eaten dog meat as a kid.)

Most want a neutral government when it comes to promoting values [Gallup, 10/10]: "A majority of Americans, 52%, [say] the government should not favor any set of values in society, while 44% believe it should promote traditional values."

The horse race [RCP average, 10/10]: An average of national polls shows Romney leading Obama 48.2 to 47.2 percent.

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