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On Fox News: 'Cranky old man'; MSNBC: 'I give it to Joe Biden


Reaction among the chattering class to tonight's V.P. presidential debate largely centered on one thing: Vice President Joe Biden's personality.

A round-up of immediate reaction from the chattering class to tonight's vice presidential debate...


CNN poll of "debate watchers" found 48 percent say Ryan won, 44 percent say Biden.

CBS's poll of uncommitted voters show 50 percent picked Joe Biden as the winner while 31 percent thought Rep. Paul Ryan won.


"I give it to Joe Biden."-- Chris Matthews

"We were all much more riveted than we were in last week's debate."-- Rachel Maddow.

On Fox News:

"[Vice President Joe Biden] was so disrespectful... and hugely condescending. I think that undid the force of his argument."-- Charles Krauthammer.

Chris Wallace said Biden was "openly disrespectful." He referenced the "smiles, head shakings, the mugging," and called it an "unprecedented performance."

Wallace also said Ryan "wasn't big enough" on "a lot of the issues."

"It looked like a cranky old man debating a polite young man."-- Brit Hume.

Hume also said of Biden's "smirking, laughing, smiling, mugging... It was so compelling, people probably couldn't take their eyes off it."

"I was surprised that I didn't like [Biden]."-- Greta Van Susteren.


Van Jones on CNN said Ryan "was sitting there, holding his own and I think you can see him as president."

"That condescending smiling, smirking, laughing...," said Republican Strategist Mary Matalin. Democratic Strategist Paul Begala called Matalin's critique "nonsense."


"It was almost like [Biden] was saying, 'Boy, let me teach you something...'"-- Norah O'Donnell.

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