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Real News:' Ohio and the Catholic Vote


With the presidential campaign coming to an end in just a three weeks, Ohio has emerged as what appears to be this election's key battleground state. One constituency that is often classified as a swing vote across the country, and of key importance in Ohio, is the Catholic vote. In 2004 they went to George W. Bush, 2008 Barack Obama, and in 2012, with two Catholics on the ticket for the first time; discussion on the influence of faith in each vice presidential candidate's daily life has been prevalent on the campaign trail.

Will the quarter of Ohio's voting population that is Catholic focus on pro-life and religious liberty issues that will help Republicans, or the social justice plank that benefits Democrats?

King's College Associate Professor of History Joseph Loconte joined "Real News" Monday to discuss the competing political ideologies within the Catholic-American community, and whether each vice presidential candidate is accurate when claiming how their faith influences their daily life:

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