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See the Clever Website the Dems Created to Attack Romney's Tax Plan


You want the details of Gov. Romney’s tax plan? You can’t have the details of his tax plan! At least that’s what the Democratic National Committee would have you believe with a new interactive website launched on Tuesday:

Visitors to the site who attempt to click in the “GET THE DETAILS” tab will have a hard time doing so because, well, it can’t be done. The tab jumps all over the screen any time your mouse cursor gets near it.

Of course, as we've pointed out time and again, the $5 trillion tax cut claim is a bunch of "malarkey" (or "stuff." Take your pick). It has been debunked by the left, the right, and President Obama's own deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter.

Still, we gotta' admit: As far as partisan gags go, this one isn’t half bad. We've seen worse (and at least this one doesn't involve appeals from sock puppets).

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(H/T: BI). This story has been updated.

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