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Shock Video: Youth Football Coach Slaps Ref After Being Penalized


​"He's got an extensive record."

There's not much that can be said her besides what you're about to see is quite shocking. During a youth football game this weekend in Southern Florida, 43-year old West Park Saints, assistant coach Dion Robinson became infuriated after he was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. He and his fellow coaches became so upset that eventually the head referee declared a forfeit.

So what did Robinson do after that? He chased down the ref who called the penalty and open-hand slapped him across the face, knocking the ref to the ground. And of course, it was all caught on video:

NBC in Miami identifies the referee as Andrew Keigans. It says that after flagging Robinson, the official did accidentally bump one of the young players, but there was no immediate indication that the subsequent scuffle had anything to do with that.

But on Tuesday, Robinson's sister -- Candy James -- says that's exactly what led to the altercation.

“He felt that he done it intentionally that’s why he went to him and said you owe him an apology for elbowing him and the referee said, I don’t owe anybody an apology. I’m not saying nothing,” she told WFOR-TV.

According to WFOR, Robinson has now been arrested and it was discovered that he has an extensive criminal past. That has raised questions about why he was coaching young kids in the first place.

“What happened is inexcusable,” Sheriff Al Lamberti told the station. ”He’s got an extensive record. It calls into question was a background check ever done on Mr. Robinson?”

The local league said that a background check is required for the coaches, but is trying to figure out if one was submitted for Robinson.

As for Robinson's past, James defended him.

“Just because you have been to jail doesn’t mean you haven’t changed and trying to give back to the youth to make the youth not go where you have been,” she told the station.

(H/T: Deadspin)

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