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Poll dancing -- 10.17.12


Colorado gives debate win to Obama with more positive view of Romney [PPP, 10/16]: "[Last night's presidential] debate enhanced both candidates' images with Colorado voters. 40% now say they have a more positive opinion of Obama than they did before the debate, to 36% who see him less favorably. Mitt Romney actually does slightly better on that front with 44% of voters saying they see him more positively now to 35% with a less charitable opinion."

Likely voters side with Romney [Gallup, 10/16]: "Half of likely voters now prefer Mitt Romney for president and 46% back President Barack Obama..."

Young voters side with Obama [Harvard IOP, 10/17]: Voters aged 18-29 years old choose Obama over Romney "on health care (+23), foreign policy (+23), to be the Commander-in-Chief of the military (+22), immigration reform (+20) – and the economy (+19 percentage points)."

In case you missed it:

–CNN's immediate poll of rregistered voters:  46 percent say Obama won last night's debate, while 39 percent say Romney won.

CBS News's immediate poll of uncommitted voters: 37 percent say Obama won, 30 percent say Romney won.

The horse race [RCP average, 10/17]: An average of national polls shows Romney leading Obama 47.4 to 47.1 percent.

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