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Confirmed: Democrats are clueless about the U.S. Navy


As you might remember, the Democratic National Convention had to apologize in September for mistaking a Russian warship for a U.S. Navy vessel in a video tribute to the military. At the time, the Democratic National Congressional Committee (DNCC) blamed a "vendor error" for the misstep and readers of the Navy Times suggested the image's erroneous broadcast was evidence that the Democratic Party was out of touch with veterans.

“A retired admiral with a shot of Soviet-era ships behind him,” one reader, who said he was a Navy vet, commented at the time. “Is the Democratic Party that far removed that they can’t check up on a simple picture?”

Fool me once, it's a vendor error. Fool me twice... well, you're pretty darn out of touch.

The Democrat running for Senate in Connecticut is having to fend off his own criticism after featuring a foreign submarine in a television ad promoting his efforts to create jobs for General Dynamics' Electric Boat of Groton, which specializes in constructing submarines. Instead of an actual Groton-made sub, the ad for Rep. Chris Murphy featured a Norwegian submarine -- easily identified by its Norwegian flag.

(Image: Linda McMahon)


Republican challenger Linda McMahon was quick to point out Murphy's mistake, posting her own ad that paints the Democrat as a "funny guy."


According to Real Clear Politics, Murphy currently holds a 3-point lead in the "toss-up" race, but Republican campaign officials note that the race has tightened in recent weeks.

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