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Real News:' We Can Do Better for Our Veterans


As two long wars are now coming to an end, the question remains; does the U.S. have the capacity  to support the large number of troops making the transition to civilian life. The Obama Administration has seemingly made no plans to accommodate their needs, as Pete Hegseth writes in an op-ed on FoxNews.com:

In addition to the lack of job security, veterans are facing a culture of waste and inefficiency at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that has resulted in long waits, delayed benefits, mishandled documents and poor service to veterans. Currently, the VA has 890,000 pension and compensation claims that remain unfulfilled—a number that has more than doubled since 2008. Today, it takes 240 days to process the average claim—60 days longer than a decade ago.

We can do better.

Runaway government spending means it will only be more difficult to address these problems in the future.

Pete Hegseth and Lt. Col. Steven Russell joined 'Real News' Friday to discuss the struggles we face now in supporting returning veterans, and what reforms could be made to better support American heros when they return home:

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