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The 14 Creepiest Threats to Kill Mitt Romney...Over Food Stamps?


Photo Credit:infowars.com

The Blaze's Tiffany Gabbay contributed to this report.

As Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign picks up steam in the last weeks before the election, a sense of urgency and desperation seems to have overtaken Obama supporters. This has devolved frequently into death threats against the Republican candidate, some of which have been uncovered by TheBlaze. The threats to kill Romney had a resurgence this week, and the site Twitchy made a laundry list of almost 30 "kill Romney" tweets. The Weekly Standard followed up with the Secret Service, who said they were "aware" of the threats. Here are some of the most, well, creepy.


1. Mr. Sadik gets 2

2. This one is quite direct


3. Planning ahead


4. That's a nice Christian cross in your handle


5. Specific


6.  Murk=To physically beat someone so severely, they end up dying from their injuries


7. But you look so innocent in your photo!


8. Must be a constitutional scholar


9. Tell us how you really feel


10.  Is this the threshold for assassination these days?


11. Descriptive!


12. Well 46 Million people can't be wrong

13.  Like a living RNC commercial

14. Oh, and who can forget this classic



As others have noted, the Twitter accounts appear genuine.

And in the end, this kind of language is no laughing matter. The Secret Service has practiced a strict policy over the last four years of investigating threats against the president (as it should). Hopefully those above can expect a visit.

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