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Watch This TV Reporter Not Even Flinch as a Cockroach Crawls Across His Shoulders During a Live Broadcast


"Thanks viewers for noticing the 'guest' in our live shot!"

A Los Angeles television reporter apparently has nerves of steel, as evidenced by his unflinching response to a cockroach skittering across his shoulders -- twice -- during a live broadcast Thursday night.

KNBC-TV's Robert Kovacik was reporting on Manson family developments when the sizable roach scuttled from one shoulder to the other and back again. Kovacik appeared completely unfazed, even as it came perilously close to his neck and paused briefly on his jacket.

Watch below:

Kovacik laughed off the incident afterward on Twitter, posting a freeze frame of his brush with the insect world and the comment: "Thanks viewers for noticing the 'guest' in our live shot!. Any names for my new pet?"

Image source: Twitter

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