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Schieffer explains the type of moderator he'll be


In a recent interview with the Palm Beach Post, CBS News' Bob Schieffer explained what kind of show he plans on running for tonight's debate:

"I pose a question, each candidate has two minutes to respond, and then a general discussion for the rest of the segment. I think it would be great if I could pose a question and the two men could answer and the other guy says 'That can’t be right,' and they get into it. I wouldn’t intervene in that because they would be expanding the discussion. If it gets off topic, I won’t hesitate to say, 'Can we get back on subject?' I’ve got a loose-leaf binder of questions I’ve been working on for five weeks that’s about three inches thick. We probably won’t get to all of them. In those 15 minute segments, they‘re free to ask each other questions and if they do it will be terrific."

[Palm Beach Post]

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