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Chris Matthews Drops a 'Jacka**' and a 'Pandering' to Israel During Post-Debate Analysis


"I was disappointed it was sort of a pandering operation on Israel" -- Bonus: Claims "racial hatred" fueling Obama detractors "in the South" --

While it was nothing compared to his first post-debate meltdown, MSNBC's Chris Matthews did offer some fireworks following the third and final presidential debate on Monday.

"Let me take my favorite roll for a minute, my role as critic," Matthews began, before noting that the debate focused "far too much" on Israel.

"No discussion whatever of Europe, of Latin America in anyway; no discussion of the Brit countries all of them and they're new economic challenge to the United States," he continued. "It was all relentlessly on something that was referred to by Romney ... as the 'tumult' in the Middle East Iran. Anybody -- any jackass can talk about bombing Iran. They never talked about the consequences of what we do after we do bomb them."

He added that the Romney strategy was to avoid "looking like a radical." But he also noted that Obama "didn't seem to have a good comeback on the economy very well throughout tonight."

"Again, I was disappointed it was sort of a pandering operation on Israel, over and over and over again," he said, hammering his Israel theory again. "Say it two or three times, not 20 times about Israel being our number one ally."

His main concern about the debate: "It didn't talk about American security" among other more domestic concerns.

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