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Fla. Man Arrested for Terrorizing Neighbors With Eggs, Nails: See the Secretly Recorded Vid


“Just about every house in the neighborhood has been vandalized..."

A Florida man practicing the opposite of love thy neighbor was arrested for stalking and criminal mischief after allegedly terrorizing his neighbors for a year and a half.

Mitchell Igelko was arrested and released on bond after being accused of various crimes against his neighbors. (Image: WSVN-TV Screenshot)

Mitchell Igelko has been accused of egging homes, spraying grass-destroying chemicals and flattening the tires of his Miami neighbors, according to CBS 4. He was also heard using a megaphone to direct obscene language toward them as well.

CBS 4 reported that Igelko, who owned the landscape company Mitchell's Lawn Corp., was arrested last week for “harassing victims in his neighborhood, causing substantial emotional stress," according to the police report.

One of these neighbors, Francisco Torres, installed a camera to catch Igelko in the act. One of the tapes shows Igleko putting nails on Torres' driveway and on the street.

Watch CBS 4's report:

WSVN-TV reported Torres saying his video also shows Igelko spraying a chemical on neighbors' lawns. Within 48 hours the grass had turned brown. The Department of Environmental Resources Management was taking grass and soil samples last week for testing.

“We haven’t had a chance to review the evidence,” Igelko’s lawyer Daniel Espinosa told CBS 4. “Just about every house in the neighborhood has been vandalized including Mr. Igelko.”

WSVN-TV reported Igelko declining to comment on his arrest. Torres said Igelko and he used to be friends. You can watch WSVN-TV's report here.

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