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The Libya Excuse: Beck Assails President on Libya in Powerful Pre-Debate Program


On Monday evening, conservatives across the country will be waiting on bated breath for Romney to hold the president's feet to the fire regarding Libya. Glenn Beck was no exception as he discussed the administration's botched-handling of this national travesty.

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During the last presidential debate, Obama successfully evaded a question from an undecided voter who asked why U.S. envoys in Libya were denied their repeated requests for additional security prior to the deadly attacks.

Likewise, Obama feigned righteous indignation at the idea he or his administration intentionally misled the American public about the real motivations behind the embassy attacks, even though that is precisely what all the facts appear to indicate.

The Obama administration’s hair-trigger reaction to the murder of four Americans on U.S. soil was not to declare such an attack an "act of war" or fight fire with fire, but rather to apologize for what they alleged was the catalyst for the attacks—a low-rate YouTube video critical of Islam.

While the president insisted that he called the attack an "act of terror" at the White House Rose Garden the day following the attacks, a transcript reveals that he did not. Rather, the president was generalizing about how "acts of terror" overall would not be tolerated. When read in its full context, Obama also made this statement directly following remarks on the September 11 attacks, not the ones in Libya and went on to suggest the YouTube video was to blame for the recent turmoil.

It should also be noted that the official White House press release offered that same day was devoid of the word "terror" and indicated that the YouTube video indeed served as the impetus for the attacks.

Romney might do well to remind that public and the president that U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice made no less than five different television appearances in one day alone to support the narrative that the bloodshed was catalyzed by the YouTube video and it was not until September 20 -- nearly ten days later -- White House Press Secretary Jay Carney ceded that it was "self-evident" the carnage was a coordinated terrorist act.

The GOP rival will have an opportunity to redeem his missed opportunities during last week's debate and pursue Obama more doggedly on the host of inconsistencies, half-truths and even outright lies perpetrated by the administration about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

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