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Did Obama Supporters Really Misspell 'Forward' on Their T-Shirts?


"Spelling is hard"

Perhaps because they don't have a stellar track record, Twitter is exploding with the news that at least two Obama supporters misspelled the new campaign slogan, "Forward," on their t-shirts.

"Spelling is hard," a number of Twitter users wrote sarcastically after seeing "Foward" emblazoned on the blue garments at an Ohio Biden rally.

"Even Big Bird knows how to spell 'forward,'" another joked, bringing up the recent debate over public funding for Sesame Street.

Here is a photo of the shirts:

(Photo: CNN via Twitchy)

So what's the catch?  There is undeniably a large "r" missing from the word "forward," and video from the event shows the same thing.

Apparently, the "o" in "Foward" has a circle with an arrow, pointing to a previous "r."

Here's how it looks up close (pardon the angle):

(Photo: Twitter/@EarthyUrban)

Everyone is guilty of misspelling now and then, but it gets more attention when the error makes it to a t-shirt in the front row of a campaign speech by the vice president.

But in this case, it seems, the ladies have been vindicated.



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