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Wanna Bet? Odds Reveal Amusing Theories on Trump's Big Wednesday 'Announcement


"250/1 Obama is an Alien"

Donald Trump's coy announcement that he will be releasing "something very, very big" about President Obama Wednesday at noon has been greeted with the usual round of publicity -- some curious, some mocking, some simply dismissive -- and yet no one can seem to agree on what it is.

But that's no reason to eschew profit on it. And as an email from the bookies at Paddy Power obtained by TheBlaze shows, that is precisely what is happening. The Irish betting house has opened up similar betting lines on subjects like who will die in various Harry Potter books, and the options available to would-be profiteers on this question are just as outlandish. The press release follows:

Donald Trump’s claim that he’ll make a game changing announcement on US President Barack Obama by Wednesday has led to Paddy Power, Europe’s largest betting company, to start taking bets on what the Billionaire’s announcement will be.

The most likely announcement according to the Irish betting house is that Trump, a known birther theorist, will tell us that Obama is not American at 2/5 while it’s a far less likely 8/1 for the business man to endorse the Democratic candidate.

Amongst the longshots in the betting it’s 75/1 for the Donald to give the current President honorary membership of Trump International Golf Links, 250/1 for The Apprentice star to claim that he’s an alien and a massive 500/1 for Trump to tell the world that Barack Obama wears a wig!

Féilim Mac An Iomaire, a spokesperson for Paddy Power said “Its no secret that there’s little love lost between these two and it will be interesting to see whether or not Donald’s Trump card on Obama will have an impact on the Presidential race.”

Donald Trump's Big Announcement

2/5 Obama is not an American

4/1 Trump to 'Fire an Obama Impersonator'

8/1 Trump to endorse Obama

50/1 Obama to guest on Celebrity Apprentice

75/1 Obama to be given Honorary Membership of Trump International Golf Links

250/1 Obama knows the Moon landing was staged

250/1 Obama to host of the apprentice if Romney takes the White House

250/1 Obama is an Alien

500/1 Trump "I’m your father Obama"

500/1 Obama wears a wig

To be sure, some of these are so absurd as to be hilarious. Nevertheless, if someone is willing to bet that Obama is an alien, it's a free market.

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