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Hannity Gets Into Shouting Match With Guest Over Obama's Apology Tour: 'You're Accusing Me of Jihad...Holy War?


"Do I get to answer? Or do you want to go on your own personal jihad here?"

Photo Credit: FOX News

Photo Credit: FOX News

During the final presidential debate on Monday, Republican candidate Mitt Romney brought up a familiar term that was first coined early on in Barack Obama's presidency: "Apology Tour" (Romney subsequently released an ad about this subject on Tuesday). Last night, FOX News' Sean Hannity approached the topic with his guests, which promptly led to a heated argument with Democrat Steve Murphy.

"Why doesn't [Obama] go to the Muslim world and say, 'America's sacrificed blood, finances to bail out Kuwait, Kosovo, Indonesia, Iraq  Afghanistan...why doesn't he talk about America's greatness?," Hannity asked. "Why is he always apologizing for this country?"

Murphy responded by claiming that Hannity hasn't truly listened to Obama and he proceeded to defend the president, specifically citing his pledge to go after al-Qaeda. After Hannity and another guest, author David Limbaugh, interjected, the situation became heated.

"Do I get to answer? Or do you want to go on your own personal jihad here?," Murphy asked Hannity.

At this point, the host appeared stunned that the word "jihad" was used against him. Hannity responded accordingly, asking if his guest might consider retracting the question.

"You’re accusing me of jihad, Steve? Holy war?" Hannity said. "You’re sure you don’t want to walk that back?"

And the heated face-off didn't end there. Watch it unfold, below:

And here's a video compilation of Obama's alleged "Apology Tour," as first shared by TheBlaze on Tuesday:

(H/T: Mediaite)



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