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Have you seen the Romney-Ryan bulldozer?

Have you seen the Romney-Ryan bulldozer?

A small business owner in Iowa is mixing business and politics with his support for Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan -- in a very big way.

Josh Scheckel of Bellevue, Iowa, specializes in rebuilding and reselling construction and mining equipment. He also believes in the American Dream, having lived it himself. "I started my own business 16 years ago with two thousand dollars and a dream," he says. "We have grown to where we are today as a result of good, old-fashioned hard work, persistence and unwavering determination by everyone involved."

Now, however, Scheckel worries that his business and the country he loves are both in jeopardy and he's hitting the campaign trail to show his support for a new direction for America. "I am not a political person; this is not a Democrat or Republican thing," Scheckel says. "I am just a single individual that realizes we need new leadership for America."

To that end, Scheckel launched the Romney-Ryan Dozer Tour -- a cross-country trek with a bulldozer in support of the Romney-Ryan team (and sometimes in protest of the Obama-Biden ticket).

"I am hoping to use this dozer as a way to break new ground in Washington," he adds. "In doing so, I hope to honor all the individuals that have helped build America, and hope to help restore the America that has been disappearing before our eyes."

Feast those eyes on the Romney-Ryan Dozer:

(Images: Josh Scheckel)

By using the Romney-Ryan Dozer to draw attention to his success, Scheckel hopes to honor all business owners and their employees who DID build their businesses (and continue to build them) and to honor the principle of individualism in America.

We are less than 30 days away from the most important election in history in regards to restoring the fundamental theory and direction of this country. As this government grows, and the entitlements grow, we are nearing a place where more people are riding in the wagon than pulling the wagon. This cannot continue and is unsustainable to maintain the America that we have all come to know and love. We believe there are many who will agree with our message, for those that do not, that is okay; we respect your feelings or your stance.

The Romney-Ryan Dozer Tour has been designed, funded and organized by Scheckel and his employees. A family friend and a young employee have volunteered to drive and sleep in a rented van for a month on the campaign trail, leading the way for the dozer display.  "We are not asking for donations and will not accept donations for this project," Scheckel says.  Instead, the folks at the J.J. Scheckel Corporation are embracing free enterprise and selling custom t-shirts to help cover some of the tour's costs.

If you're interested in showing your support, Scheckel says email RomneyRyanDozer@jjscheckel.com: "We would love some feedback, words of encouragement, or support if you agree with our message!"

The Romney-Ryan Dozer Tour is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, today, and will next follow the campaign to Ohio and Virginia.  Safe travels!

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