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Crazy Fish Tales: Carp Having It Out for Reporters and Sharks Falling Onto Golf Course Greens


"They're carp and they're crazy."

The invasive and destructive nature of Asian carp in the United States has become an evergreen story for reporters. But it seems that the carp are beginning to strike back against their media fame.

One of the latest stories of carp backlash was experienced by Nashville Channel 4 reporter Carley Gordon. Gordon was filming a report about the growing carp population in the area and bravely held one of the fish while she spoke.

Just as she was saying "And look they're big. This is one is about 12 pounds but they can grow to be about..." insert squeal here as the fish wiggles out of Gordon's hand. Stunned by the writhing creature she stumbles backward, not only falling over herself but knocking over the fisherman who was on the boat as well.

The carp lures Gordon into thinking he's OK with being filmed only to take his revenge seconds later. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Jump back! (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Although a dress might not have been the best choice for this little fishing adventure, at least Gordon opted for flip-flops instead of heels. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The clip, which Gordon posted on YouTube and promoted as "too funny not to share" on Twitter, has begun going viral. Anderson Cooper featured it on his RidicuList last night.

Cooper introduces the story as being about "crazy carp."

"Yeah, that's right," he said. "They're carp and they're crazy."

Watch the clip in which Cooper shows more than just this one incident of carp taking out their wrath on reporters:

So is it a trend? We're not sure, but in any case reporters be warned. Here's the original clip from Gordon if you're interested in seeing it in full:

In other quirky fish news, it wasn't raining on the greens of San Juan Hills Golf Club in California Monday afternoon, but something did appear to fall from the sky or come out of nowhere -- and it wasn't cats, dogs or men. It was a 2-foot-long shark.

The Capistrano Dispatch (via the Daily Mail) reported that a leopard shark was found alive and thrashing in the 12th tee box. The slightly bloody animal was put into a bucket with water and a little bit of salt by golf course maintenance, who later drove it to Baby Beach in Dana Point, four miles from the course.

Shark found on the golf course. (Photo via Capistrano Dispatch)

So how did the shark end up on dry land so far away from its natural habitat? The newspaper reported Julianne Steers, chief aquarist at the Ocean Institute nearby, saying a large predatory bird could have been flying with it and dropped it or a human could have put it there.

Director of Club Operations Melissa McCormack told the Dispatch it was "the weirdest thing that’s happened here.”

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