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CNN's Zakaria anticipates Romney presidency to take credit for Obama's past 'intelligent actions


In a column for the Washington Post, CNN's Fareed Zakaria argues that all signs point to a "robust" economic recovery for the U.S.

And he says if Mitt Romney wins the election, he'll take credit for the Obama administration's success in creating that recovery:

"[T]he fact remains, compared with the rest of the industrialized world and the arc of previous post-bubble recoveries, the United States is ready for a robust revival. This is partly because of the dynamism of the U.S. economy but also because of the timely and intelligent actions of the Fed and the Obama administration.

"The next president will reap the rewards of work already done. So it would be the ultimate irony if, having strongly criticized almost every measure that contributed to these positive tends, Mitt Romney ends up presiding over what he would surely call 'the Romney recovery.'"

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