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GM may be alive, but hope is dying in Ohio


President Obama takes credit for "saving" the American auto industry on the campaign trail and has gone so far as to say that had Mitt Romney been president, "we might not have an auto industry today."  But not all auto workers are singing Obama's praises.  Take, for instance, non-unionized employees of Delphi:

In essence, the scrap centers around the fact that during GM’s bankruptcy some federal auto bailout money was used to fully fund the pensions of Delphi’s unionized hourly employees.

Delphi’s non-unionized salaried workers, meanwhile, had their pensions taken over by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC). PBGC decided to terminate those pension plans, contending that they were significantly underfunded.

Since then, the workers whose pensions were terminated have been fighting to have their benefits restored and have filed a lawsuit on the issue that’s working its way through the court system. They’ve also been lobbying members of Congress for intervention.

Revealing Politics hit the ground in Ohio to talk to some of non-unionized retirees who are living with Obama's broken promises to protect their pensions:

Oh, and speaking of the auto industry... check out their awesome parody of GM's old Chevy truck commercials:

Now we're soft, We're as #$%* as we could be

Now we're soft, Barely selling SUV's

We couldn't play it straight

We were drowning in our weight

We needed Washington and their schemes

Even our reflection makes us scared

Now we're soft,

Now we're soft, We forgot our pedigree

Now we're soft, Riding on Obama's knee

Now we're soft, To China with our fleet

Thanks, Barack

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