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Real News:' Does America Now See the 'Real Obama?


Several newspapers in recent days have announced that they will be flipping their endorsements from Obama in 2008, to Romney in 2012.  Many attribute the change of tune in the presidential race and public opinion towards Obama in general, to have been severely effected by his catastrophic performance in the Denver debate. Others criticize Obama for the issues he decided to focus on during in his first term--health care not jobs. In a Wall Street Journal column Friday, Peggy Noonan submits that during the first debate, Americans for the first time saw the real Obama. Not the powerful agent of hope and change, but the guy who has left Washington in political paralysis. Not the intellectual savant, but the guy a former Biden aide called a "financial illiterate."

On 'Real News' Friday the panel discussed who they believe the real Obama is. Intelligent arbiter of hope and change that has had a few bad breaks with what he's inherited and faced politically? Or a politician in the right place, at that right time, who was able to sell an argument for why he should have been elected president in 2008, but does not have the skills to live up to his his campaign promises:


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