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Retired Lt. Col. & Special Ops Planner Explains WH Protocol: 'The President Knew Immediately' About Benghazi Attack


"It's a bald faced lie."

Calling into Rush Limbaugh's radio show on Friday, a retired Lt. Col. and Special Operations planner for 15 years said standard protocol dictates that as soon as the White House situation room received the emails about the attack in Benghazi, someone was supposed to go directly to the president of the United States and brief him.

If the Obama administration asserts that the president was not immediately made aware of the attack, the caller said, it's a "bald faced lie."

"The personal security detail for the ambassador notified the communications room in Tripoli, who then, on the top secret side, sent a message to the White House situation room that the ambassador was in peril," the caller said. "They did that by code word and it would have been within minutes of the attack commencing."

He continued: "The White House situation room has a list of what's called essential elements and friendly information…certain things go right to the person that is standing next to the president, both military and civilian leadership. So he would have known within minutes, or is supposed to be informed within minutes, because an ambassador is a four-star equivalent; a very high, very important person."

The retired Lt. Colonel says the White House "can not deny that the president knew immediately."

"They are. They are," Limbaugh replied.

"Well, it's a bald faced lie," the caller shot back. "I am giving you some inside baseball information."

Watch the very informative segment via The Daily Rushbo here:




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