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Michael Moore's Latest Ad Vows to 'C**k Punch' Mitt Romney


"We will burn this motherf--ker down!"

​This post contains graphic language. Discretion is advised.


If you thought the Lena Dunham ad comparing voting to sexual intercourse with the president was crass, you might want to skip this story.

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore and Moveon.org have teamed up to make an ad -- titled "Greatest Generation" -- that actually includes the phrase "cock punch" and features a woman old enough to be many peoples' great grandmother promising to "burn this motherf**ker down." The ad is allegedly centered around the issue of voter fraud, but really is focused on the idea that a victory by Mitt Romney in next week's Presidential election could only be due to fraud, and thus Romney and his party should be "cock punched" if this happens.

Not content with threatening Romney, however, the ad also threatens the viewer with the prospect that the various venerable people involved will be watching whenever Americans have sex in the event that they don't vote (presumably for Obama). Quite a way to drive turnout, that.


(H/T National Review and Gateway Pundit)

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