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Obligatory: Liberals blame climate change for hurricane


You've heard the phrase, "Where there's smoke, there's fire"? Well, when there's extreme weather, there are climate change alarmists. Not surprisingly, they are usually liberals with political agendas.

Here's a brief roundup of the latest from the left's self-professed climatologists:

First there's Bill Clinton, who didn't come out and say that Hurricane Sandy was caused by climate change, but instead knocked Mitt Romney for "making fun of it."  Apparently Clinton has forgotten which presidential candidate it was who promised to lower the sea levels.  Clearly that's not working out well for the east coast this week.

Next up is Current TV host and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.  (Yes, that Jennifer Granholm.)

“Today, Atlantic City shattered a daily rainfall record with 4½ inches of rain so far,” said host Jennifer Granholm. “The water in lower Manhattan reached 11.25 feet, surpassing an all-time record set in 1821.”

“There’s a clear link to climate change,” said Granhom. “And, yet, for the first time in over a quarter century, climate change was not brought up even once at the presidential debates.”

Gee, what caused all the global warming that would've led to immense flooding during the Norfolk & Long Island Hurricane in 1821... cow flatulence?  And obviously Noah had to build the Ark because of camel burps.

It's funny that such alarmists cry out about how Sandy is a "once in a hundred years storm" without acknowledging what that actually means -- that these storms do happen, have happened and will continue to happen.

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