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Conservatives Skewer Obama for Comments at Wis. Rally: 'Al Qaeda Has Been Decimated


After a pro-al Qaeda group claimed credit for the attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

Even as new information continues to surface revealing that the Obama White House may be embroiled in a cover-up scandal regarding the terror attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, the president took to the campaign trail in Wisconsin Thursday morning and actually declared that "al Qaeda has been decimated." Recall that the carnage in Libya was, according to experts, waged by al Qaeda or pro-al Qaeda affiliates like the militant group Ansar al Sharia, which even claimed credit for the attack.

The president made the ire-inducing remark during a campaign stop at Austin Straubel International Airport Thursday morning where he spoke to a crowd of some 2,600 people. Obama, wearing a flight-jacket, addressed Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, then touched on the economy but  highlighted what he framed as his accomplishments in foreign policy, including smiting Osama bin Laden and yes, "decimating al Qaeda."

"The war in Afghanistan is winding down," the president said. "al Qaeda has been decimated. Osama bin Laden is dead. So we made real progress these last four years, but Wisconsin, we know our work's not done yet."

Obama's statement, for many conservatives, is the ultimate in hubris and they took to Twitter to convey as much. Consider the following tweets, courtesy of Twitchy:




These are mere sampling of the tweets that ensued immediately following the president's speech. The country will likely hear further outrage from conservative pundits as the day progresses and indeed, leading up to November 6.


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