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Exclusive: Trump Lambastes Obama for Missing Deadline, Claims He Could Have Given Money to 'Victims of Benghazi' or Hurricane Sandy


"There has to be something very wrong. I'm not surprised that he didn't take it."

Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube)

After making a $5 million offer to President Barack Obama in exchange for his passport and college records last week (then extending his self-imposed deadline until today at noon) business mogul Donald Trump has taken to Twitter and YouTube to lambaste the president for a supposed lack of transparency. Following Obama's failure to meet the due date, Trump spoke with TheBlaze in detail.

In an exclusive interview, he explained that the end date for the offer was extended from 5 p.m. on October 31 to this afternoon as a result of Hurricane Sandy. As for the response he's received so far, Trump claims many Americans are confused and do not understand why Obama has refused, thus far, to release his records.

"People don't know -- people don't understand why he wouldn't do this," Trump said of his offer to the president.

The businessman also reiterated that he would have gone above and beyond offering the $5 million -- if Obama was willing to produce the stated documents (although he didn't name a specific amount of money beyond that benchmark).

Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube)

"If the wrong things are down in the application, he can't be president," Trump insisted in his Blaze interview. "There has to be something very wrong. I'm not surprised that he didn't take it."

As for critics who claim that Trump has acted in a racist manner in waging his attacks against Obama, the businessman flatly denied the charge.

"Any time you attack Obama, it's a racist act," he said, going on to say that there have been no racial elements associated with his questions about Obama's records.

"If you attack him on the economy it's a racist act," he scoffed.

During today's video announcement, Trump discussed similar themes. In addition to lambasting Obama, he noted the causes to which the president could have given the funds -- to wounded warriors, the American Cancer Society or "the relatives of the victims of Benghazi." Considering recent events, Trump called the latter option "an appropriate situation."

"Very sadly for the country, for a charity -- and for the president himself, President Obama has just missed the deadline and now a charity of his choice will not be receiving $5 million -- or as I stated much more than $5 million," Trump proclaimed in the clip.

During his Blaze interview and in an associated press release Trump also noted that Hurricane Sandy cleanup would have been another viable place for the $5 million to be allocated.

"He spent millions of dollars in legal fees to keep his records secret," he continued in the video. "Someday those papers will come out and people will say, you know what, Donald Trump was right."

Watch Trump's announcement, below:

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