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Washington Times endorses Romney


Like the New York Times, the Washington Times' endorsement of Mitt Romney comes as no surprise. And, given its low circulation numbers, it can be assumed that it has even less of an impact.

But here's some of what was said in the endorsement anyway:

American greatness will not be resurrected by the community organizer from Illinois who doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. ...

The United States needs a leader to fight today’s fiscal battle. With more than 23 million Americans unemployed and economic growth limping to reach 1.5 percent, the most pressing challenge is to revive the economy to get people working again. This will take an experienced executive to cut government spending and regulation to unchain the dynamism of the private sector. Mr. Romney has spent his life taking failing companies and revamping operations to make them competitive; he has the skills to do the same in the Oval Office. The Washington Times endorses Republican Mitt Romney for president

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