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Clint Eastwood Tells Hannity He 'Resents' Benghazi: 'There Should Have Been an Attempt' to Save the Men


"...a tragedy that should have never happened."

Photo Credit: FOX News

Photo Credit: FOX News

Famed actor and director Clint Eastwood has been politically vocal of late, regularly pledging his support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and deriding President Barack Obama. In an appearance on FOX News' "Hannity," Eastwood discussed the Republican National Convention, his views on Obama and -- the Benghazi tragedy.

On the electoral front, he encouraged Americans to consider not simply voting along party lines. If people who voted for Obama in 2008 are having doubts, Eastwood said they should "think about somebody else." The actor also heralded Romney's background, highlighting why he believes him to be a viable candidate for the presidency.

"Gov. Romney has a great business background. He's extremely well-educated," Eastwood said of the GOP candidate. "He's a perfect guy for the job."

While he didn't go into great detail on the Benghazi, Libya, tragedy, he did highlight his disgust with the situation, claiming that he resents the incident and that it "should have never happened."

"I find myself being very resentful about this whole thing in Benghazi. That’s been kind of a tragedy that should have never happened," he proclaimed. "Or there should have been an attempt -- all that you can ask is when there is a crisis like that is to make an attempt. That is the American way."

Watch his comments, below:

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