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In CNN op-eds Obama, Romney offer 'real change


On today both President Obama and Mitt Romney have competing op-eds. Obama opens acknowledging the damaged caused by the recent storm in the Northeast. Romney begins by defining "what it means to believe in America."

Both of them offer "real change."

From Obama's piece:

In the closing weeks of this campaign, Governor Romney has started calling himself an agent of change. And I'll give him one thing -- offering another $5 trillion tax cut weighted towards the wealthy, $2 trillion in defense spending our military didn't ask for, and more power for big banks and insurance companies is change, all right. But it's not the change we need.

We know what real change looks like. And we can't give up on it now.

From Romney's:

Let us remember our history. We have accomplished so much, both in the world and at home. We've defeated tyrannies. We've lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty. We've transformed our own society into a more perfect union. We've created a land of freedom and prosperity. The problems we need to overcome now are not bigger than we are. We can defeat them.  I am offering real change and a real choice.
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