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New Obama Scare-Tactic Ad Imagines a Romney Win: Akin Wins Senate Seat, Jobs to China, and...Bork Nominated for SCOTUS


"millions of retires, students, and veterans could face a tax increase"

The Obama camp on Friday released a new ad meant to scare voters with wild theories about what the first 100 days of a Romney administration would look like. Their (only somewhat cheeky) theory? Robert Bork would be nominated to the Supreme Court, millionaires would get a hefty tax cut (and seniors would suffer), corporations would farm jobs to China, and Roe v. Wade would be headed back to court.

The message of the video is to vote and/or volunteer to prevent such atrocities from happening. You can watch he ad, which is a far cry from Romney's recent positive message, below:

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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