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When Did You Turn Into a Waffler?': Bill O'Reilly Takes on Geraldo Over Fox News Libya Blow Up


"You're on the wrong side of this."

Image source: Fox News

Image source: Fox News

Bill O'Reilly took on fellow Fox News host Geraldo Rivera over his explosive Benghazi confrontation on "Fox & Friends," demanding to know when he turned into a "waffler."

Rivera got into a shouting match with Fox News' Eric Bolling Friday morning, accusing him of "misleading the American people because you want to make a political point" by attacking President Barack Obama.

"You're wrong on the wrong side of this and here's why," O'Reilly told Rivera on "The O'Reilly Factor" Friday night, pointing to documentation that U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and others had asked the State Department for additional security in August, a month before Stevens and three others were killed.

"You are not one of these touchy-feely, politically correct liberal people on these issues -- surely you're upset that the State Department of the United States would not protect their own. Surely you are," O'Reilly said.

Rivera said Obama has been "absolutely slandered on this story, he's been called a liar and a murderer."

" -- not by anybody here and not by rational people," O'Reilly cut in.

Rivera said he thinks the president is owed an apology and held that Obama did everything he could to protect the personnel in Benghazi, and that there is no reason to criticize him for what happened the day of the attack.

He did, however, call it a "fair question" about why Stevens wasn't given more security.

"That's a fair question and that's why I believe there should be vigorous hearings to determine whose idea was it to keep our people in harm's way with so little help," Rivera said.

He said it was also fair to question U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice's television appearances after the attack when she said the best information indicated it was due to an anti-Islam web video.

"That also deserves severe inspection because I believe there are real valid questions about whether or not to protect the president's image as 'Bin Laden killer' they spun an act of terrorism into an act of vandalism," Rivera said.

Rivera agreed with O'Reilly that Obama should have immediately held a press conference to answer about what happened, but said it wouldn't do much because of the required secrecy for the national security issues at stake.

"He's running away from it because it would hurt him in the election," O'Reilly declared.

"I just think we have lost some good people under really tragic circumstances that need really to be vigorously investigated, but it's not a political issue," Rivera insisted.

"When did you turn into a waffler?" O'Reilly demanded. "When did that happen?"

"It's not -- Bill, I am a war correspondent," Rivera said. "I am a war correspondent, I've been in combat in Benghazi, Libya."

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