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Here We Go Again: Obama Ad Features Children Chanting About Obama


US President Barack Obama reads Christmas book 'The Polar Express' to an audience of elementary school children at the Richard England Clubhouse and Community Center in Washington, DC, on December 21, 2009. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

There have been multiple occurrences during the last few years where children have sang or chanted about our president.  Once in a classroom, once in a creepy non-profit ad, once in Venice California -- but never in an actual Obama campaign commercial.  That is until watching an Obama campaign ad released October 21 entitled: The Road to November 6th: "It's Really Me."

The peculiar title refers to a scene in the ad (which is essentially a bunch of clips of campaign stops and rhetoric) where Obama makes a personal campaign call.  He calls one woman who doesn't believe it's him. "Yes, it's really me," he says, before instructing her not to hang up.  But more interesting in the ad are clips of elementary school age children chanting the presidents name and walking in a line.

"O-bam-a! O-bam-a! O-bam-a!" the kids yell.  It's unclear what the diverse group of children -- seen holding what appears to be school supplies -- was doing or where they were, but the video does then cut straight to a Michelle Obama rally in Colorado.

That leads to a big question: Why are these children, who are likely a decade away from being able to vote, being used as campaign props?  Puzzling.





Watch the video below. The children come in at about 34-seconds:



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