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TheBlaze Offers Host of New Features for Election Night Extravaganza


We will deliver real-time updates from across the nation, an interactive electoral map, a chat room for our followers and, of course, news and analysis from TheBlaze team.

TheBlaze is pulling out all the stops to be the ultimate election night destination.

We are retooling our homepage to offer a host of new features, including real-time updates from across the nation, an interactive electoral map, a chat room for our followers alongside the news and analysis from TheBlaze team.

We’ll have the latest electoral tally for Romney and Obama at the top of the page, and we are deploying a state-of-the-art vote tally system to get you the results the second they are available from the AP.

And, of course, TheBlaze will be the only place you can get unique analysis from Glenn Beck, Andrew Wilkow, SE Cupp, Will Cain, Buck Sexton, Amy Holmes, Brian Sack, ED Hill and more.

Our teams in Washington, New York and Dallas will be up all night bringing you the latest news as each state’s ballots are counted -- Plus we'll have reporters in Boston at the Romney campaign headquarters and in Chicago with the Obama campaign.

TheBlaze TV team will be streaming live commentary all night as well. You can get a free trial here. We’ll also be offering free “look ins” of our live TV feed at the top of each hour on TheBlaze homepage. Election Night coverage on TheBlaze TV will begin Tuesday 11/6 at 5pm EST.

TheBlaze Radio Network and Sirius XM will provide an audio simulcast of TheBlaze TV's election night coverage.

All of this adds up to a unique multiplatform, dual screen experience combining streaming commentary on TV with live chatting on our Website and all the news and analysis you've come to expect from TheBlaze.

Our election preview coverage also is available on our Campaign 2012 page and TheBlaze TV commentary about the election is available On Demand, including the special documentary on voter fraud called “The Machine.” For the past week, we've also been airing American Voices - vignettes filled with life stories from some of America’s most recognizable figures.

Tonight, TheBlaze will host a special, Ohio: Fight for the Future.  In this special Glenn Beck speaks about the final push for freedom before the election in Ohio, the most crucial state in the election.

More details on our election night plans are available at

Be sure to join TheBlaze on election night - The Truth Lives Here.


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