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WhoDat? Meet the Saints Cornerback Who's Been Campaigning for Romney in the Locker Room


“I thought there would be more conservatives in here."

This photo of Nick Hixson, 30, was taken during an August exhibition game. (Photo: Bill Feig/TheAdvocate)

This photo of Nick Hixson, 30, was taken during an August exhibition game. (Photo: Bill Feig/TheAdvocate)

An NFL football team's locker room might be the last place you would expect political discussions, but the New Orleans Saints's practice cornerback is making it a talking point.

According to Baton Rouge's The Advocate, cornerback Nick Hixson -- who is described as "the leader of Team Romney for the Black & Gold" -- is known among the team to have the most political knowledge.

“I don’t understand some of these guys,” Hixson, #30, said to The Advocate. “I thought there would be more conservatives in here.

“Some of them are pretty hardheaded, but then I can be too. We’re having a lot of good fun and educating ourselves about things though.”

The Advocate goes on to report safety Roman Harper saying that the election seems to be making its way into locker room chatter more this year than in the past.

Hixson, who was picked up as a member of the practice squad after graduating from the notoriously conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan, said he "[tries] try to base my arguments on economic philosophy and personal philosophies about the role of government."

"That’s what this country was founded on," the 23-year-old continued.

Who is the "Team Obama" leader then? The Advocate reports defensive end Will Smith has been filling the slot since linebacker Scott Fujita left the post in 2009 when he joined the Cleveland Browns. Here's what teammates had to say about Smith's perspective:

“Scott had his facts right and made strong cases,” linebacker Scott Shanle said. “Will just throws out stuff all the time.

“He’ll say things like, ‘When Obama took over there was like 35 percent unemployment.’ and I’ll say ‘What?’ Then there are a lot of guys who don’t care.”

What's Hixson's call for Tuesday night? Let's just say he thinks the Saints have a better chance of winning Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles than his preferred candidate has at getting into the White House.

Read more about Hixson and the Saints team perspectives in The Advocate's article here.


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