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Did Obama Really Wipe Away Tears During His Emotional Final Campaign Rally?


"To all of you who have lived and breathed the hard work of change -- I want to thank you."

On Monday evening, in one of his final appeals to voters, President Barack Obama delivered an emotional speech in Des Moines, Iowa. In front of an audience of supporters, he expressed his gratitude for those who have fervently supported him. Of particular note was a moment during which he touched his face -- an action many media outlets have attributed to wiping away tears.

"You welcomed me and Michelle into your homes," Obama told the audience, delivering his words with raw emotion. "You inspired us."

The president went on to express gratitude for the support that young people and old, alike, have given him over the years. Obama told his supporters that they have given him new hope for America's future.

"I want to take this opportunity to say one thing to all the young people and not so young people who have given so much to this campaign over the years," he continued. "Those of you who haven't done this just for me -- but for each other. For a laid off family member, for a sick child, for a fallen friend. To all of you who have lived and breathed the hard work of change -- I want to thank you."

It was while thanking the audience that Obama lifted his left hand and touched his face. Watch his comments, below and look for the moment during which the alleged tear-wiping unfolds:

What do you think -- was the president wiping a tear or merely itching or touching his face? Let us know in the comments section.

Update: An image posted by The Associated Press does, indeed, show a tear streaming down the president's face. What do you think -- does this confirm it?

Photo Credit: AP

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