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Spoof Shows How Videos Will Go Viral (or 'Buyral') in the Future With Professional Clickers


"...we outsource to clickers all around the world."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

If you want to know what makes a video go viral now, check out this article on TheBlaze. But if you want to see the futuristic and satirical view of how videos could go viral in the future, you have to see the video the Canadian ad agency john st. put together.

The spoof features a service called "Buyral," which is essentially paying for clicks. As Gizmodo puts it, what makes this video good is that it is "perilously close to becoming a reality."

The whole idea for the Buyral, the narrator says, came from "clickterns," their intern clicking program. From there professional clickers were brought on board and now sit at screens with ice packs on their hands and braces on their wrists.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Price breakdown for Buyral (Image:

"Now, we outsource to clickers all around the world," the narrator said. "But traditional clicking can only reach so many views."

This is where Buyral's outreach programs for the elderly and school children come into play.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

"Making a good viral video used to take a lot of work. Now anyone can do it."

Click buttons have also been hidden behind elevator buttons, street crossing bottons and anywhere there's a button that can cause people to click without even realizing it.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

"Once we bypassed the viewing process, our world opened up," a fictitious management leader said in the video. "One day we won't need the viewer."

Then john st. gets to its own point.

"These days views are everything. Don't underestimate what a viral video could do for your brand."

Watch the video for yourself:

Overall, Buzzfeed wrote of the video, "Yeah, it's funny, and it's also very sad, because it's a direct hit on the Zeitgeist of the desperate digital ad world. So many ad agencies these days are astoundingly awful at self-promotion. john st. does it right."

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