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Rep. Louie Gohmert Joins 'Wilkow!' to Discuss the Fiscal Cliff


Republican House Speaker John Boehner gave signs of a willingness to negotiate with Democrats on dealing with the fiscal cliff during remarks he made at a press event Thursday.

"If there is a mandate in yesterday’s results, it is a mandate for us to find a way to work together on solutions to the challenges we face together as a nation," Boehner said Wednesday, going on to add that the Republicans in the House stand ready to work with the president to do what's best for the country regarding the fiscal cliff. Boehner suggested an alternative to going over the fiscal cliff involving reforms to entitlement programs and eliminating loopholes and deductions in the tax code. Boehner said Republicans would be willing to accept some additional revenue increases that the president wants, but not through solely raising tax rates for the rich.

The Speaker's olive branch and remarks Thursday about revenue increases have lead some conservatives to question what they see as an over willingness to compromise.

"He's the problem with the GOP," Andrew Wilkow said of Boehner on TheBlaze TV Thursday. "He has no conservative principles. He sheepishly said yes to revenue increases. You just gave up, what is the GOP now?"

Wilkow further criticized the Speaker's unwillingness to take on Obama in stronger manner regarding what happened in Libya and on the Dream Act.

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert joined Wilkow!" Thursday to discuss the events leading up to the fiscal cliff, and plans now for the House Republicans to deal with the situation:

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