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Mark Cuban makes an 'exception' for Bill O'Reilly


Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban writes in the Huffington Post today that both MSNBC and Fox News didn't report news during the election; instead, they spent their time building a "negative brand" for both Mitt Romney and President Obama.

MSNBC framed Romney in the worst possible light while Fox News led its audience to believe that the election would end in a landslide for him, says Cuban.

But he makes two exceptions: Bill O'Reilly and Chris Wallace.

"You know who both networks reminded me of ? All of their shows, with the exception of Bill O'Reilly reminded me of the old Coast to Coast with Art Bell radio show. Every night Art Bell would bring in what were essentially crackpots talking about life on Mars, alien abductions (except for the true ones of course), Black Helicopter operations, pretty much crazy thinking across the board. ...

"It seemed to me in hindsight that only Bill O'Reilly (whose show I like and who is a master of asking questions that are pre-spun so that the answers fit his needs, and disengaging when he knows he is beat, like he says, "Its my show. I can do what I want"), and Chris Wallace really tried to temper the branding blitz. (I like Chris as well. He asked questions the others seemed afraid to ask.) Outside of these two, Fox was relentless in sending the message that a Romney win was imminent. There was no doubt about it and if you didn't believe it, it was because you either followed the mainstream media too much or you were just stupid."

Cuban and O'Reilly have a history of sniping at each other from a distance. In 2007, O'Reilly waged an on-air campaign against Cuban who funded a controversial movie about the Iraq war.

Cuban has publicly criticized Obama but says he voted for him in 2008 and as recently as September, said he was "leaning" toward Obama in this last election.

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