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Daily Beast dubs Megyn Kelly 'sanest person on Fox


Election night was big for Fox News' Megyn Kelly. Not because she co-anchored the network's coverage but because of the off-the-script fact finding she did to shut Karl Rove's last-minute speculating down.

For that, Daily Beast media reporter Howard Kurtz crowns Kelly "the sanest person on Fox" (as headlined on DB's homepage):

Michael Clemente, Fox’s executive vice president, likens Kelly to Katie Couric and Barbara Walters in terms of her ambition and tenacity. And he says her legal skills are a huge asset.

“She knows exactly how to find the heart of a story within moments, which is like finding the heart of a big case,” Clemente says. “She’s comfortable with herself on the air. She has a nice personality and she’s telegenic.” ...

Clemente was pleased when Kelly interviewed members of Fox’s decision desk, who insisted their Ohio projection was accurate. “I knew that Rove was on the phone with the Romney people,” Clemente says. “Megyn, when she’s going after information, she’s pretty pointed.”

Kurtz also speculates that when Kelly's contract is up next year, Fox will be forced to move her out of anchoring daytime and into prime time. "[C]hances are Fox will figure out how to find her a bigger platform."

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