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New York Post consoles the Petraeus conspiracy theorists


The Petraeus sex scandal is only four days old -- only if you count the weekend -- so it's still pretty fresh and details are still trickling out.

But because of the timeline (an investigation by the FBI started months ago and it wasn't made public until after the election) and the curious flow of information (the White House was supposedly left out of the loop until Election Day) many people smell something fishy, though they haven't spotted an actual fish. They're certain there's some kind of cover-up going on. We call them "conspiracy theorists" and the New York Post is here for them.

From today's NYP editorial:

Believe nothing.

Not at this stage, anyway.

One needn’t be a tinfoil-hat type to harbor profound doubts about the Obama administration’s account of the former CIA director’s surprise resignation. ...

Anyone else see a stone wall a-building?

Congress needs to knock it down.

Nor can it accept the official explanations of Petraeus’ embarrassing affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell — to say nothing of the woman’s infelicitous use of his personal e-mail.

Because too many questions linger.

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