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NYT: It's not about sex, it's about sexism


The New York Times editorial board was uncharacteristically mute on the Petraeus sex scandal. For the first four days of the story, not a single staff editorial was printed on the issue. Meanwhile USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post boards have all weighed in.

I emailed the communications department at NYT to find out why it was taking so long (after all, the day after Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey, the board published an editorial about it). No reply was sent but today the board broke its silence.

Except, rather than doing what the other paper's did -- comment on the peculiarities of the scandal or judge how effectively the situation has been handled thus far -- NYT found a silver lining:

"Amid the growing career rubble left by this scandal, one positive development may yet emerge. Mr. Petraeus, considered by many to be the most celebrated American military leader of recent times, says his affair with Paula Broadwell took place after his 2011 retirement from the military. But the fallout from this episode may finally push the Pentagon to enforce the military’s standards of sexual conduct more consistently, especially against male commanders of senior rank."


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