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Bureaucrats Go After Santa Claus for...Not Having a Business License


"I want them to get off my back."

William Mitchell of Shelby County, Tenn., was told that if he wanted to continue making money from his Santa Claus gig, he’d have to purchase a business license or face prosecution.

News 3 gives the details:

Mitchell sent a flyer to the Shelby County Clerk’s Office saying he would love to work their Christmas party this year.

They didn’t hire him.

Instead, they sent him a letter saying he better come buy a business license or they would turn him over to the district attorney’s office for prosecution.

The clerk’s office told us anyone who sells a service must have a business license.

The funny thing is, the clerk's office didn’t tell Mitchell that only businesses generating more than $3,000 have to apply for a license. Unsurprisingly, Mitchell makes a whole lot less than three grand dressing up as St. Nick for Christmas parties.

Now he wants the $30 he paid for his business license back.

“I want them to get off my back, return my $30 and let me keep the wolf away from my door,” said Mitchell.

“If they’re expecting anything other than switches and ashes for Christmas they are suffering from a delusion,” he added.

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