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Some More Good Econ News: Colo. Gun Store Owner Claims Sales Have Quadrupled Since the Election


Current TV’s Cenk Uygur earlier this week spoke with a Colorado gun shop owner who claims his business has seen an enormous uptick in sales since the re-election of Barack Obama.

“We’re selling 24 to 28 guns a day, and normally we only sell six or eight guns a day,” said Dragon Arms owner Mel Bernstein. “Thank you, President Obama.”

“As I look at that, it looks insane to me,” Uygur said, “what the hell are they using these guns for?”

“They’re buying them for an investment and a collection” Bernstein responded, referring to his customers, “They’re a lot of fun to shoot. Guys that were in Vietnam, you know, when they came back, want to have an AK-47, you know, just to hang on the wall as a souvenir.”

“They’re buying them for reasons like that and they’re buying them for investment and collection,” he added.

Uygur didn’t seem to believe Bernstein.

“Investment,” the Current TV host laughed. “Look, Mel, do these guys … do they really believe that Obama is going to outlaw these things? I mean, he hasn’t said word one about that!”

“Well, look at what President Clinton did 15 years ago,” Bernstein responded, “he ... stopped all the assault rifles into the United States for 10 years -- these walls in back of me were empty for 10 years (unless I want to sell Walmart guns).”

Exit Question: It is just us or does Cenk Uygur look slightly intimidated by the size and scope of Mr. Bernstein’s arsenal?

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