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What is China's 'Ring of Life' really about? (A cool Blaze contest)

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Editor's note: The entry period for this contest has closed. Thanks for participating!

It's Friday, let's have some fun.

Earlier today, Liz Klimas posted a story about this gigantic structure being built in China.

(Image: Sina Weibo via

A few of us here at TheBlaze are suspicious of the giant ring. What's the real purpose? Is it something sinister? Could it be for entertainment or tourist purposes?

Perhaps it is meant to be a landmark and tourist attraction, like the Gateway Arch in St Louis.

Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Glenn Beck speculated that it might be a ride... possibly built to look like the big machine in 1997's "Contact." (coming to a Universal Studios theme park)

Image: screen capture from

I'm thinking it looks like a huge version of one of those "blade-less" fans you see on QVC.


Post your best guess below and at noon (ET) our Blue Ribbon panel of judges will award a beautiful "Truth Has No Agenda" mug to the best answer.


Let the creativity flow!

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